Thursday, November 14, 2013

BAGS and ....

I had every intention, today, of coming home and doing a blog post about project bags. I have a lot of project bags ... and I use them all. Here's the current line-up of in-use bags:
On the top left is my newest bag, which India gifted me when she was here! It's lovely, in my favorite colors, and the fact that she sewed it herself makes it even more special. It was perfect timing for this gift because the red baby blanket I'm knitting was getting too big to haul around without a bag. The one on the top right was one of my two  acquisitions at the Vancouver Knit City fibre festival (the other purchase was -- surprise! -- yarn), and it holds the little black shawlette I'm test knitting, perfectly. The bottom left bag was a gift in a swap a few months ago; it's clear plastic with a zipper, and it's the perfect size to hold the little snowflakes and 'mug rugs' that I'm knitting for Christmas. The small brightly colored lined bag on the right was another gift from India ... and it was the perfect size to hold the socks I've had on the needles for the past year-and-a-half! (D'ya think I might get them finished this year??)

Anyway, so that was going to be my whole lame post for the day. But then I was driving home from Ganges and I had some time to kill because I knew Michael would be having a nap when I got home, so I stopped at Drummond Park to knit for a few minutes. And there was ...

... these lovely creatures! These are mute swans, which I haven't seen in the harbour since last year, so it was wonderful to see them again. There are apparently only about 300 of these birds here on the west coast, and even though they are not a native bird, they don't migrate, they stay in the area year-round. Life treats them well enough right here!  Personally, I just love watching -- and photographing -- them.

Besides, they made this lame blog post *much* more interesting! 

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Anonymous said...

I believe we can never have too many "project" bags and it's good to see you're getting lots of use out of yours.