Monday, November 4, 2013


I loved Victoria when I lived here ... and, as cities go, it's still a pretty nice one. But I'm sure aware of my rural lifestyle now ....
I drove one of River's friends home last night right at dark, and it was pouring rain .... it was a 5-minute drive and very nerve-wracking. I can drive 10 minutes on Salt Spring and not even see a street light or another car!

This morning I'm having brekkie with Julie and Robert (my sister was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer early this year, and is coming from Parksville down to the Victoria Cancer Clinic today for a 3-month evaluation - she's doing well on an amazing medication, though) and then I have a few errands to run before the boys get out of school at 2:30-ish. I only get over here once a month or so now, so there's always a list of shopping for stuff that's not available on a little island.

And of course, I do hope to get to my old favorite haunt, Clover Point, for some meditative knitting time!

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Anonymous said...

We feel the same way about Victoria after 10 years away now... but it is still home.