Saturday, November 30, 2013


Hey, I just blogged every single day for 30 days for the first time in MONTHS! Now... let's see if I can keep it up....

Had a great day today -- finished teaching the 4-week intermediate class at Stitches Yarn Shop here on Salt Spring. Great class, great students -- it was a lot of fun!

Michael met me after the class -- it was 'Light Up' day today in Ganges, and it had all happened before I finished my class, so we drove around and looked at the lights a bit. Christmas on Salt Spring is a pretty big deal around here! Santa comes by floatplane, for one thing... that happened at 1 pm today:

There's a chili competition going on in Ganges right now (we were cold and tired so we came home), kids' entertainment, et. ... and lots of other Christmas happenings. Fun!

Day off tomorrow ... I'm looking forward to doing some Christmas knitting, catching up on some paperwork, and not much else! :)

Over and out for November....  :)

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