Saturday, November 9, 2013


I taught the final beginner knitting class this morning at Stitches, and then went to the TreeHouse Restaurant to meet my friends who came over to visit for the day! These three are sisters ... Glenda and India live in Halifax but are here visiting Gloria in Sooke. They actually fly home tomorrow, so it was wonderful that they could come over today for a visit! After a 45-minute wait for a table (that's how good the food is there), we were freezing, but they sat us at a table with a heater AND blankets! :)

Oh, wait, you need to understand something about the Treehouse Restaurant. It's a tiny little heritage house in downtown Ganges, and when they expanded it to open the restaurant, they literally built *around* the big tree outside its door. Here's the outside, which is adorable  ...
... and this is the inside...
So, as you can imagine, there's no way to escape the 'outdoors' -- if it's cold out there, it's cold inside. We got warmed up pretty quickly with a lovely lunch, and then went off sight-seeing around the island until they had to catch the ferry back to Victoria. From the left: India, Gloria, yours truly and Glenda.

It was a lovely day ... and tomorrow, in better light, I'll take a picture of the gift India gave me.  :-)

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Anonymous said...

Great that you posted the pictures of us at the restaurant! What a great meal, eh? Thank you for spending your day with us and for being a wonderful tour guide. I so love "your" island. Thank you, and Michael too, for your hospitality in your home. You know I love your live-aboard life and wish I could be there just like you. :-)Also, I would be remiss if I didn't thank you once again for the beautiful knitted gift you gave me. I will treasure it always. See you next year!