Sunday, November 10, 2013

WEFT - November

I just spent the whole day in my jammies in front of the computer with pretend blinders on putting the November issue of WEFT 'to bed.' It has to go to the printer first thing in the morning, and get sent OUT by the end of the day!

I have always allowed myself the leeway of having it out in the first week of the month but this is really late. I only got about two rows of knitting done, and that was first thing this morning while I was having my morning coffee still. (Is that why I have a headache now.... knitting withdrawal, y'think?) :) This is the test knit I'm working on ....
... only mine is black, with beads in the edging that's on the 'collar' section here. It's moving along slowwwwwly.

Just confirmed that Michael and I will be house-sitting on the property here in December, so I get to host Christmas here -- I'm excited about that!

Brain-dead now, going to bed. And I don't even have to change into my jammies. :)

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