Monday, November 11, 2013


I had no intention of going anywhere today so I watched some of the Remembrance Day ceremonies on TV ... and I always like to add honoring the WOMEN to the mix, because even though the speeches always say 'the men and women who sacrificed...,' there's actually very little focus on the women. Not to take anything away from the vets, but there were thousands of women, too  ... nurses on the front lines, and volunteers, and of course, the thousands of women 'at home' keeping the country (and their own households) running, and knitting for the troops like crazy, too. It was a terrible time for everyone, not just the soldiers, and I focus on that today, Remembrance Day.

I've had another quiet day at home, but I've managed to get quite a bit accomplished -- some knitting headway, some Welcome Wagon phone calls and paperwork, and some personal catching up, too! I found photos of a few of the shawls I've made in the last several months...

This week I'll be taking several of them in to a women's clothing shop in Ganges that may be interested in buying some outright, and/or on a commission basis. I've got several cowls she wants to see, too -- yay!

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