Thursday, November 21, 2013


I've been knitting.  :-)

This is a test knit cowl and I used some old hand-spun for it; it's lovely, and it'll be a Christmas present for someone!

This is another test knit, a 'shawlette' and I haven't even blocked it yet, but it's black, and it has beads, and I may have to keep it for myself. ;-)

And yes, I have spindle spun.

Both of my spindles came home with some actual spun fibre on them the other night. Not *well* spun, but spun. It's fun.... just not sure if I'll pursue this, because it may take me til I'm 79 to be able to spin laceweight yarn, which is pretty much all I use anymore!

Still working on the baby blanket.... more tomorrow.

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