Saturday, November 26, 2011


Sitting in the fourth wind storm this week this morning, I'm sure glad we went for a long walk in the sunshine yesterday! Michael walked out onto this little point of land to read a memorial sign for a fellow who fell off his boat and drowned a few years ago...
Lots of birds in the estuary below the old Fulford Inn:
We made it all the way to Drummond Park... (that's our marina you can see in the distance across the bay):
You can see this kind of fencing all over the Island ... some of it is well over 100 years old and still standing:
Nuttin' but knittin' today ... too gloomy and miserable to do much else! Tomorrow we may go in to Victoria for the day and overnight -- we have a gift certificate for a lovely hotel room that needs to be used up soon (one of our prizes from last year's Christmas boat parade), and my birthday is coming up. Besides, then we can bring back all our Christmas lights and decorations from storage ... it's almost that time! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Abraham Lincoln got the nickname "the rail splitter" for his work as a youth on fences like you pictured.