Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Yes, Michael is a non-smoker! Well, he made it for 13 days, smoked 3 cigarettes one afternoon, and now he's on Day Six again..... sigh. But one thing that's really nice about the whole ordeal is that we are WALKING ... not every day, but probably every other day. Today the sun was out, and it was perfect for a walk!

One of the apple trees on our property ... sans leaves:
Here's an even older apple tree we saw on a vacant lot along the way...
And an old-growth cedar...
Other sights... not much commentary needed!
We've had a LOT of rain for the past few days, so we passed several seasonal streams that were all in 'full force...' as if it was spring!
And this last one, which made me think of a Thomas Kincade painting!
At one point, we were on a path into a this little cove, and an elderly fellow and his dog went by us ... we chatted for a few minutes and he mentioned that he was going for a 'dip.' I thought he was joking.

This is Harry (and his dog):
And this is Harry after he stripped down to the buff and dove in:
It's November 23rd, even if this is the Gulf Islands. Can you believe it?? This guy is nuts. And in better shape than I'll ever be! I think I'll stick to walking, though. :)

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Esther V. said...

I would PAY BIG $$$$ to see you dive in that water and Michael take the picture of YOU!!! you go girlfriend!
I met a very nice woman tonight at the Guild's evening session...she sorta promised (smiling) to make a comment on either of our blogs!!!
VERY HIGH wind warnings for Thursday in your Harrow it looks like a raincheck visit for me...UNLESS there is a miracle and it's a nice calm day ..but Ch. 70 had a RED LETTER warning of maybe up to 90Knots...hell...that would lift me like a kite! Gotta work on my Thursday blog before I go to bed!! gn