Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Had to go into Ganges this morning to run some errands and do a bit of a grocery shopping. It never ceases to amaze me that something I think will take an-hour-and-a-half tops takes 4 or 5 hours! It's not like there's traffic jams here on Salt Spring, and I don't know anybody, really, so it's not because I got side-tracked stopping and chatting -- well, okay, we did go for coffee with Mike, but still...

Now I'm home long enough to put together a nice salad and then -- we've been invited out for dinner! Carol and Jon at EcoReality Farm have asked us over, so I said I'd bring the salad. Our first invitation out since we moved here!

The Alaria shawl is coming along nicely .... probably at least half-finished. Pictures tomorrow!

Meanwhile, the PHOTO OF THE DAY ...
This is the anchorage in Winter Cove on Saturna Island, and directly behind that sailboat is 'Boat Passage' which opens out to the Strait of Georgia. You can see some close-up photos of it (and an aerial view of the cove here). The tide runs through there fiercely, at times, and it also shallows out... and yet, lots of 'locals' use the passage to come and go from the Cove. We've never been brave enough (or is that stupid enough?) to try it, and we probably never will, but we love the anchorage.

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