Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yesterday morning I was hoping to go in to Victoria for Knit'n'Cafe, but instead I woke up with an eye infection in my left eye and had to make an unplanned trip in to the clinic for antibiotic ointment.

You'd think that would have given me extra knitting time, but what happened instead was extra frogging -- I had to undo two rows of Alaria, twice, for various mistakes and mishaps! So I am no further ahead on that project this morning, but I do still see the light at the end of the tunnel -- about 20 more rows to go.

I may not make much progress on it this weekend, though... Michael left for Victoria this morning and when he comes back this afternoon he'll have River and Gibson with him. Yay, a sleepover with grandsons .... we haven't seen them since Hallowe'en, so I'm really looking forward to that! Of course, that also means a trip in to Ganges today for important stuff .... like popcorn, hot chocolate and juice.

These rock formations are common throughout the Gulf Islands .... a result of wind and wave action on the sandstone on many of the shores. This one is on Galiano Island!


Julie said...

Are those the "Malaspina Galleries"?

"Skipper" said...

No, the Malaspina Galleries are on Gabriola, and they're HUGE ... a person can easily stand under the over-hang. This was taken in Trincomali Channel, on the south end of Galiano.