Sunday, November 27, 2011


We are off to Victoria this morning... Michael will do his little cleaning job that he does every weekend while I play in our storage room (read: stash!) and then we will check in to a lovely hotel on the harbour in time to watch that football game everyone's talking about. (Not being the least bit interested in football, I will have various knitting projects along to amuse myself with)!

Tomorrow morning we'll have brekkie with the kids (except Hailey, Whistler's too far away to come for brekkie...) and then I have to get my driver's license renewed; if I have time I'll do a bit of a grocery shopping (MUCH cheaper prices than here on Salt Spring!), maybe get a hair cut, and be back on the Salt Spring ferry to knit at the Rock Salt tomorrow afternoon!

I got an email from my Metchosin friend Wendy ... last year, our little Thursday afternoon spinning group (the one in which I was an imposter) created a hand-knit blanket from hand-spun yarns (we each individually knit a 'panel') which will be donated to a charity. Here is Isabel and Wendy showing off the final finished product, ready to go!
And today's "other" PHOTO OF THE DAY:
... just as if they were posing for me... :)


wendy said...

your photos are always a highlight! and for a change from 'sea' scenes the Blanket! your panel is on the left, the brown and white houndstooth pattern...lovely! alice did a great I-cord edge which pulled it all together. quite a feat all in all! hounding you all to make the strips, one person even knitted hers twice as the size was off first time around!
thanks marilyn

Janet Welsh said...

Both of your photos are great.

Love the blanket, and the starfish are gorgeous!

Beverley J said...

Have the best birthday Marilyn. Love reading yor blog everyday. What will I do in December??