Thursday, November 17, 2011


Night before last, the sky looked like this...
... and yesterday, mid-day, the wind came up, and by supper-time it was miserable: pouring rain, and we were rockin' and rollin'.
See the windsock in this photo?That's for the ferry skipper, and it was sticking straight out for most of the day yesterday -- we probably had about 40 knot winds in the bay here.

This morning, it looked like this...
See that white stuff up on the mountain? Yup, it's snow... none down here at sea level, but that's close enough for me!

At least I'm having lots of knitting time... I'm on the edging of Alaria already:

Looks like more of the same today.... so I'll be knitting at home this morning, and then knitting at the Rock Salt this afternoon!

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