Sunday, November 13, 2011


I've had a lovely lazy day today .... did a bit of housework, organized my pattern binders and tidied up my knitting bookshelf -- yes, I have an entire bookshelf just for knitting books (and this is the 'organized' version ... you should have seen it before)!
It's drizzly and gray outside, I've had the Country Music Association Awards replaying on CMT, and I've got a good start on the latest shawl -- Alaria from .
The yarn is (obviously) a pale yellow laceweight, and I've doubled it ... but I can't describe how this stuff *feels*, which is amazing. It's 70% baby alpaca, 20% silk and 10% cashmere. .. can you imagine? It's from Skein.

I think I'll finish off this cozy day by putting a meatloaf in the oven for dinner ... so I can keep knitting. :-)

Ever seen cows on a beach? Only on Prevost Island, you say! Pity....


breezy54 said...

So happy to know that your feet are healing well.
Simply love seeing the pictures you post, makes me a little homesick sometimes.
Such beautiful knitting you do, on this yellow shawl the needles look surprisingly large.

Please keep posting daily!
I really look forward to your posts.

wendy said...

love the pics...and yes i was too lucky once and got to fly with the mail in a Beaver up Kingcome Inlet, and at the mouth of the river are feral cattle grazing in the marshes and roaming about!! lovely trip, but we had to stop at a number of fish farms to drop mail ---that was an eyeopener, trillions of fish infecting our waters and native salmon.

Anonymous said...

Where I grew up camping on Hornby Island was next to a farm. We kids would all sleep out on the beach and we've actually been woken up by slobbering cows all around us, nudging at out sleeping bags to get us out of the way of the beach grass!