Sunday, November 20, 2011


I've been participating in a shawl exchange on Ravelry, and yesterday Michael brought my parcel home from our mailbox in Victoria! Wow, this was my "pal's" first-ever knit lace shawl... isn't it stunning?
The yarn is an alpaca/wool/silk and nylon blend, and the colors are all my favorite 'jewel tones:' blues, purples and greens!

The parcel held lots of other goodies, too... some lovely pima cotton, a bookmark, a journal, a bath 'bomb' (I'll have to re-gift that since I don't have a bathtub!), a funky flowery pen, and some stitch markers made by my pal. She even included two little wooden airplanes for River and Gibson ... who are both here for a visit today! :)
What a nice early birthday present!

Our walk day before yesterday took us to the end of a narrow little windy road (almost EVERY road on Salt Spring ends in a narrow, windy road!) which ended in a parking lot at the 'head' of Long Harbour. We had to cross this little wooden footpath to get to the beach...
... which was lined with wild rose bushes:
It was damp and cold so we didn't stay long, but it was fun to find a part of the Island we hadn't seen yet!

Off to hang out with 'my boys!'

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Beverley J said...

Marilyn, thank you for making my mornings so bright. While I have my breakfast I read your blog every day..They're so interesting and informative....