Sunday, November 6, 2011


I picked Julie up at the Vesuvius ferry yesterday morning, and our goal was to do a 'fall foliage fotos' circumnavigation of Salt Spring Island. We drove south to Fulford immediately, and our first photo stop was up on Isabella Point Road looking down on Fulford Harbor.
... and then out toward Jackson Rocks and Russell Island:
We watched the Canada Geese watching the ferry leave:
I've never seen the Coast Guard in this harbour, but they came in yesterday!
From Fulford we made our way to Burgoyne Bay, where there is a fairly large floating liveaboard community ... and lovely fall colors:
Even the starfish got in on the act ...
I caught this image of Julie in my rear-view mirror at some point:
We went down several side-roads throughout the day, most of which, on Salt Spring Island, simply 'dead-end' or become someone's driveway.
This lovely old abandoned stone house had '1901' etched above the door...
Soon it was time for lunch, so we made our way up the east side of the Island to Fernwood, and the newly renovated Fernwood Cafe.
Lunch was lovely (in my case, chicken corn chowder and a fresh bagel with cream cheese....... but we still had places to go and scenes to see.

We drove right out to Southey Point, but for some reason I wasn't inspired to take any more photos. I was trying to figure out which properties there have the salt springs for which the Island is named (I'd seen them decades ago)!

Then we made our way down Sunset Drive (along the west coast of the Island) and back toward Vesuvius. Just enough time for a walk on the public beach:
... and then Julie caught the 4:10 ferry back to Vancouver Island, and I drove home. A nearly picture-perfect day!


Julie said...

You got some really nice photos...except for my backside!

Esther V. said...

Beautiful pictures.
Did you ever find the salt springs?Julie must have been in heaven with the scenery do more paintings.
(Hi Julie!)

Anonymous said...

I love the mossy rock picture - it looks like a hooded figure.