Saturday, November 12, 2011


We lived in downtown Victoria for seven years, almost to the day. Winter winds can be fierce there, coming off the water, but not once did we ever lose power. I had a theory that they must have 'beefed up' the power grid in the downtown core so that businesses could stay open... oh, and there's not many trees to blow down downtown.

But here on Salt Spring? A different story. Yesterday afternoon a serious westerly came up and at about 3 pm, the power went out. That's two windstorms so far this year, and both times we've lost power. It may be a loooooooooooong winter...

Oh, well, I cooked chicken corn chowder on the propane stove on the bridge (usually reserved for when we're at anchor somewhere), kept the fire going in our little woodstove all evening, and knitted! I finished the Salish Sea cowl....
... and the power came on at about 10 pm, just as I was going to bed.

This morning I had to go into town for groceries, and when I came home there were whitecaps in the bay and the Wind Walker is rocking and rolling again. So we've 'hunkered down' for the evening .... there's lots of left-over chowder, lots of wood for the wood stove in case the power goes out again.... and I can cast on a new shawl.

Life is good. :)

(Edited to add the PHOTO OF THE DAY!):
Sunrise over Trial Island, off Clover Point in Victoria (Washington's Olympic Mountain Range in the background).

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wendy said...

you gotta love living in the country! make sure you have lots of candles...or do you have those lovely ship shape oil lamps?
am so glad you are blogging every day, love the photos too.