Friday, November 25, 2011


More storm pics from yesterday ... this first one is a huge dock (about 12' wide by 30' long) that must have broken away from somewhere and came crashing into the head of Fulford Harbour on some pretty big waves yesterday:
I took these from Drummond Park, across from our marina:

My daughter Hailey posted this video on her Facebook page yesterday (that's a virus-free YouTube link, by the way) .... Michael and I have stayed in this B & B, about two blocks from where Hailey lives!

I finished the test knit shawl .... and it's barely big enough to be a kerchief! Lovely, but useless ... I used the recommended needle size and got gauge, so I don't know what went wrong! I may frog the whole thing and knit it again, with much bigger needles, and several more repeats.
Off for our walk now -- it's calm and the sun is out, but apparently another storm will be moving through here tomorrow!

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Unknown said...

Personally, the aftermath of the storm in your neighborhood wasn't that bad, Skipper. Your neighborhood's lucky. :) By the way, I also knit stuff, though I don't know why, but I feel better knitting with a hot cup of coffee on the table during a storm.

Edwina Sybert